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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  March 29, 2015 12:54am-1:01am EDT

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honest and simple and direct, no bravado no guilt, no angst, and this character doesn't know anything more than what he knew when he was there hairs no hindsight knowledge about what happened about the vietnam war. this is a character that really had no past. he was a high school kid. and he really didn't have that long of a past. and he certainly had no expectation of a future. so it was basically a viet-man with no past and no future who manages to survive and become this guy among these guys who really lucky enough to be able to go to school get their mfss a, work at the craft they loved to do and that's viet-man. thank you again, bob. >> in the back.
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>> hi. i just wanted to make a comment to danny. i did '66 to '68. in bravo company and a platoon leader and sergeant and took out patrols. i was there for 22 month so is i worked with a number of corpsmen. you're understating your role tremendously. we couldn't go out without a corpsman. we would be out for five days, four fight nights and sometimes as long as ten days so the endurance of the corpsmen were right there, and when anyone got hit the corpsman had to happen with someone wound while they're fire or a prisoner who was wounded. so you were part of us and you earned your globe and anchor. the other thing i wanted to mention is it in termites the experience, something that is an antiquated term which is character. after vietnam, took me a while to get straight and i went and got educated and ph.d and
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faculty here. what molded me and shaped me was my experience in vietnam and being a marine. here we have -- >> i'm sorry. talk a little louder. >> so, i wanted to say about the service, how that shapes character. it's an antiquated term you don't hear much, and i wanted to analogize that by saying here at uva we have prestigious leadership programs. you take a 21-year-old who has graduated from one of our programs and take a 21-year-old sergeant who hassen been deployed to afghanistan and iraq and they come back who is the true lead center who is the one who has been shaped by an experience and have responsibility and have to make decisions that affect people's lives, that comes with a commitment to a series of values and ideals, which is our democracy, and their willsness to die for them and make that
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commitment which is self-sacrifice. so to the vas all inside the service are an sent in our education, and we have these society, the millenials and people who are focused on rights and liberty, but in terms of their service, you focus on obligation and duty to responsibility to the greater good. i'm proud to be here with you and hear your stories. thank you for your service. >> thank you. see what i mean? here's another marine recon guy, and i can't get away from these guys. they're something else. it humbles me deeply. you got to understand when i got over there i read to you how this character got in there, and as me as a corpsman, when i got to the recons, man, i never even heard of the recons until that day. and when i get there and i meet some of thieves guy -- these guys, these warriors, they were in a class all their own.
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i'm going, my goodness. these guys have been in country, a long time. they had extended one and two times. the wanted to stay in the war. professional down to the bone. and it was like i was such an honor to be with them and you know what? i said to myself i was -- i lived in a kind of a fear, not of the viet cong of the nva. i lived in the fear of failing these guys. i'd rather die than fall out and not be able to do the job. so i was out there working and humping as hard as these guys way beyond my capacity and for my deep sense of honor, i was going to keep up with these gees to the death of myself. that's just a 20-year-old guy, no sophisticated ideas here. just wanted to be -- stay
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honorable among these honorable men. like these guys as well. that's really what it was about for me on a personal level. thank you. >> yes, sir. >> i, too, seniored in i-corps but nose as a marine bit any of you serve there in vietnam almost reaction -- not recollection -- flashbacks have you had when you look at the 11 12 years we have been in afghanistan and the way we fought that war, and compare that to the way we fought the war in vietnam. whether you have any thoughts on that. >> anybody want to handle that one? it's a little bit out of the purview -- the question is, how do we feel about the current war in afghanistan vis-a-vis our service in the vietnam war. >> you bring a special perspective on afghanistan. >> i'd like to say one thing. the only thing i'd like to say is i don't think we learned a
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whole lot since vietnam. >> bob? >> yes. >> well, i think bob may have nailed it. this is another war in which we are not totally committed to winning but we have guys over there dying and being maimed. ...


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